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A vast array of amenities with a strong community spirit

Sunninghill is a lively and characterful Victorian village, that includes residential areas. It has a High Street that offers a relatively wide range of small convenience and specialist shops, cafes/restaurants and other services which are well supported by local residents.

St. Michael’s primary school is in the centre of the village, occupying an important landmark building. In the village are also Cordes Hall, a hall/theatre held in trust for the community, and the Novello Theatre, originally a small cinema, now used primarily by children’s dance and drama groups; both date back to Victorian times.

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Silwood is an important employment/education site which runs along the edge of Cheapside village and there is a mixed employment site at Crossways, on the borders with Sunningdale.

Heatherwood Hospital is undergoing a £98m redevelopment and is due to reopen at the end of 2021. Within ten years of its opening, the aim is for the hospital to provide services for approximately 168,000 people each year, doubling what the existing hospital currently provides.