40 years of providing high-quality office space

About Us

Orbit Southern’s offices are based on the edge of Heathrow Airport and are within an hours’ drive of all the properties within its portfolio. Orbit Southern is the sister company of Orbit Developments and both of these are subsidaries of the parent company, The Emerson Group which is based in Alderley Edge, Cheshire.

The portfolio totalling circa 450,000 ft² consists of 32 commercial buildings across 13 sites located throughout the south-east of England, all within easy access of the M25.

Our Services

Our success in building up a broad spectrum of long standing retained customers ranging from start up companies who have grown with us through to major multi-national PLC’s is based upon the following principles:

When negotiating a transaction we encourage principal to principal meetings so we can gain an understanding of the potential customers needs from both a financial and practical perspective. Any resultant transaction can then be tailored to best suit their needs allowing for flexibility to cater for business growth or consolidation at different points in the business cycle.

Our construction arm, who are responsible for building and refurbishing our properties, are able to draw upon their detailed knowledge of the properties to deliver tenants fitting out proposals. These are generally within a shorter timescale and for a reduced cost than will be available on the open market through third party contractors.

We have a dedicated in-house Facilities Management team who are responsible for the day to day management of the portfolio and liaison with customers.

Our larger multi let buildings and business parks have Building Managers working within the Facilities Management Team who are based on site providing immediate customer facing support in respect of any building related problems.

We are dedicated to retaining our customers for the long term and this is demonstrated by the consistently low level of voids we have across our portfolio as a whole.

Purchase Opportunities

We are currently looking for new opportunities to purchase properties within an hour’s drive of the Orbit Southern offices based at Heathrow. We are seeking all types of commercial properties that provide opportunities to add value through refurbishment, redevelopment, a change of use or restructuring existing leases.

We have substantial in-house funds available to spend on new acquisitions and whilst our ideal lot size ranges from £2 to £10 million, we can consider larger or smaller opportunities for an exceptional opportunity.

We have no requirements for third party finance and any acquisitions will be financed using in-house funds. We also strive to make offers for properties with Board Approval in place enabling a rapid exchange of contracts.

We are happy to pay fees for any genuine opportunities introduced to us that lead to a purchase and properties will be quickly assessed by our in-house team with a response given to the introducing party as to whether we wish to pursue matters.